The park has good provision for security, in addition we provide extensive parking, 
with a large main parking area and several smaller parking zones next to each unit.

Small & Large Units

We have both office and industrial units on the site ranging from 150 sq ft to 3600 sq ft. If required, there is also scope to modify the internal layout of the units to accommodate your specific logistical requirements.

Idyllic Location

Situated between Bath and Bristol and with good access to the ring road and short journey to trunk roads. Set against the picturesque views of Bath & Bristol countryside. The park also offers a large recreational field to be enjoyed by all.


We offer a high level of security across Church Farm Business Park with perimeter fencing, locked gates, night watchman and CCTV throughout.

Food & Drink

Church Farm Business Park has a food and drinks van which visits the park every week day offering cold & hot food as well as drinks and snacks.